A Clinician’s Fulfillment and Financial Growth with VES

As part of the Veterans Evaluation Services® (VES) network of healthcare clinicians since 2012, Dr. Lauren Simpkins has been rewarded with gratifying work serving our nation’s retired and transitioning service members while adding an administration-free revenue stream to her practice.

Combining a love for audiology and a commitment to Veterans

Dr. Simpkins fell in love with studying hearing and the science and medicine of treating hearing disorders in an audiology class during her undergraduate studies at Louisiana State University. Her fascination with the field inspired her to pursue a doctorate at the Arizona School of Health Sciences. Now a clinical audiologist based in Dallas, Dr. Simpkins evaluates, diagnoses, and treats hearing loss, balance issues, tinnitus, and other disorders through her private practice. Through VES, she is now also able to help evaluate Veterans for such disorders, assisting them in the medical disability claims process. Joining the VES provider network appealed to her sense of commitment to serving servicemembers through her professional expertise.

“I have always had a soft spot for working with Veterans,” says Dr. Simpkins. “Several of my family members have served in different branches of the military, and I feel each Veteran and active duty servicemember has sacrificed so much for us and deserves the best quality care.”

Getting started with VES quickly and efficiently

From the start Dr. Simpkins appreciated the detailed yet efficient VES credentialing process to ensure providers meet all necessary r


“The forms for licensure and practice information were well laid out and quick to complete,” she recalls. “I had to take pictures of all aspects of my office, from the test booth, equipment, waiting rooms, rest rooms, and parking lot. It’s comforting to know all providers go through this process to ensure the Veteran’s quality of care with provider and facility is a high priority. The staff was helpful and knowledgeable about the process and how everything works.”

Growing her practice’s bottom line
For Dr. Simpkins, providing care to Veterans is not only personally fulfilling, but offers significant benefits to her practice. From scheduling, training, invoicing, and receiving payments, working with VES has been seamless.

“Like anything, there was a learning curve at first, but once I performed a handful of exams it became more streamlined, and I can add as many or as few cases as I can handle,” she says.

The ease and convenience of working with VES has also made a lot of financial sense for her practice. Dr. Simpkins appreciates being able to work with a new population of patients without the advertising or outreach typically needed to get a significant number of new cases to her practice.

“I use zero marketing dollars for this revenue stream,” says Dr. Simpkins. “Plus, VES automates scheduling with minimal contact from me, and billing and invoicing are also done automatically once I submit my exam reports, which is a big time saver. Because everything is automated, it’s a wonderful addition to my practice’s bottom line.”

Renewing her clinical curiosity and energy
In addition to adding a revenue stream, working with VES has also added vigor and energy to Dr. Simpkins’s practice, renewing her love for audiology that she discovered in her undergrad days.

“Audio exams are routine and can be a tad monotonous, but reading through Veterans’ service treatment records, hearing about their experiences and exposures, and then putting all those pieces together is fascinating,” she notes.

And once those exams are completed, the most rewarding aspect of working with VES: Veterans often follow up to express their gratitude for Dr. Simpkins’s help with their claims.

“I hear so many of them talk about how long they’ve been working through the claim process, but once they were scheduled with VES, things happened quickly.”

Looking ahead to new horizons
While Dr. Simpkins has already experienced the personal and financial fulfillment that comes from being part of the VES provider network, she hopes to experience other benefits in the future, such as traveling to perform exams.

“I’m still in the raising a family stage of life, but I have been offered to go to some beautiful areas of the country that I have never seen,” she says. “I do look forward to being able to take advantage of this aspect of VES when my personal life allows for it.”

Become Part of the VES Provider Network
To learn more about the benefits of becoming part of the VES network of healthcare clinicians, visit: www.ves.com/providers