A Retired Dentist’s Satisfaction in Caring for Veterans through VES

As part of the Veterans Evaluation Services® (VES) network of clinicians since 2010, Dr. Howard Snider gives back to Veterans in underserved communities through his work in VES’s mobile exam units and private clinical offices.

Combining a love of dentistry with a lifelong passion for helping those in need

Dr. Snider pursued a career in dentistry after finishing his undergraduate studies at San Diego State University, and the University of California at Los Angeles, while finishing dental school at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. His passion for excellence in Cosmetic and Family Dentistry led to a mentoring position for post-graduate dentists at the Kois Center for Excellence in Dentistry in Seattle, Washington in 2006, which he continues today.

While working full-time in private practice for 39 years, Dr. Snider provided gratis dental services to people in need both locally and abroad. He has traveled to Africa and Mexico helping those who would otherwise go without dental services. Now he travels on modified RVs outfitted by VES as mobile exam units. The units are equipped with modern equipment for medical, dental, optometry, and audiology exams. In addition, he also provides exams in a local private office setting.

“The Veterans are grateful and usually show up early for their appointments,” Dr. Snider says. 

Honoring those who have served by delivering efficient Veteran services

Dr. Snider first learned of VES from a recruiter who reached out to him about the opportunity. Dr. Snider was immediately interested based on having family members who served. He wanted to be involved in being part of providing the best possible experience for Veterans.

“After listening to the recruiter explain the process and need, I researched the company. VES is constantly changing and evolving, all for the betterment of Veterans,” says Dr. Snider. “The attention to detail VES provides to the claims process is excellent.”

Dr. Snider spends a lot of time with each Veteran, explaining how the information gathered in the interview is reviewed, processed by VES, and sent directly to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for benefits determination.

“Veterans are thankful and satisfied knowing their claims are guided through the process by a personal representative,” Dr. Snider says.

Rewarding work through VES

Dr. Snider finds being an integral part of the VES team process highly fulfilling and enlightening, not only in ensuring exams are conducted and reports transferred to the VA, but in interacting with Veterans of all ages, genders, and services. He enjoys learning about the wars and military actions they’ve served in and experiences they’ve had.

It’s so gratifying to work with Veterans who have served our country in so many ways,” says Dr. Snider. “I have great respect for Veterans who share their stories while I guide them through the disability examination process. They will be heard and honored.”

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