From Military Service to Provider: A Neurologist Finds Fulfillment with VES

August 7, 2023

Beverly Scott, MD has enjoyed serving our nation’s Veterans and transitioning servicemembers as part of the Veterans Evaluation Services (VES) network of healthcare clinicians since 2019. As a retired military neurologist, she has also found ongoing fulfillment in sharing her expertise and continuing to build her knowledge by serving on VES’s Medical Advisory Board.

Serving Our Country, Building Traumatic Brain Injury Expertise
After earning her medical degree at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, Dr. Scott had a rewarding 32-year career in the U.S. Army, retiring as a Colonel. Specializing in neurology and neuro-ophthalmology during her time in the Army gave her the opportunity to serve fellow service members and Veterans who suffered from concussions or even more severe traumatic brain injuries (TBI). Dr. Scott’s service in 2010 as the Theater Neurology Consultant in Afghanistan and subsequently as Director of Madigan Army Medical Center’s TBI and Intrepid Spirit Center were particularly formative.

“I greatly expanded my knowledge, skills, and experience with the broad clinical spectrum of TBI and the significant impact of pre-morbid and co-morbid clinical conditions and factors prevalent in our servicemembers and Veterans,” says Dr. Scott.

From Veteran to Provider
Dr. Scott’s first encounter with VES was actually as a recipient of VES’s disability services. Transitioning out of the Army in 2018, she received a medical disability exam from a VES provider who made a significant impact on her – one that would inform the next phase of her career.

“I was impressed by the professionalism, compassion, and comprehensive clinical review provided me by my examiner who, to my surprise, suggested I may be a good fit for the organization’s mission based on the seasoned clinical perspectives I’d gained through years of military experience,” she recalls.

After exploring the opportunity with the VES team, Dr. Scott began her new career as a disability examiner in a few short months after going through the credentialing process and required training.

“The on-boarding process was efficient and personalized throughout the credentialing process, required online training, and individualized Q&A discussions with a skillful trainer. I also learned about the opportunities for compensated work travel when examiners are lacking in parts of the country or potentially abroad.”

While Dr. Scott immediately appreciated the flexibility of a career as a VES provider, as she began to expand her understanding of the vital role of the disability examiner, she found a very gratifying connection between this new way of serving Veterans and the professional attributes she had achieved throughout her years as a dedicated and skillful clinician.

“Comprehensive medical record reviews, detailed chronological clinical interviews, and consideration of interdisciplinary opinions are critical to clarifying the ‘whole story’ for each patient and ensuring diagnostic accuracy for successful clinical care,” notes Dr. Scott. “These elements are equally important to ensure accurate disability determinations for Veterans.”

Working Toward Continuous Disability Exam Improvement
Dr. Scott has also found fulfillment in her work with VES by recognizing and working to address challenges Veterans face in the medical disability process. In particular, she is leveraging her experience as a provider to help identify specific solutions that will improve the clarity and accuracy of disability exams and reports. This work is also informed by her membership on VES’s Medical Advisory Board, a service she began in 2021.

“It gives me the opportunity to share my perspectives and knowledge on issues related to TBI and neurology through our quarterly VES newsletters, where I, too, learn from other expert advisors on the Board,” says Dr. Scott. “It has been a privilege to learn from and collaborate with our Medical Director, the VES clinician network, and the outstanding quality assurance support team, and it is an incredible honor to work with our military servicemembers and Veterans as they explore their potential disability concerns.”

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