Key tips for getting ready for your exam

Veterans Evaluation Services® (VES) works with thousands of Veterans and transitioning service members annually and understands the importance of being and feeling prepared for your exam.

This involves upfront steps like scheduling your appointment, knowing what and who to bring on the day of exam, process of getting to the appointment location.

Below are frequently asked questions on those key steps or visit our full list of FAQs at:

Scheduling your appointment:

Can I speak with a scheduler directly?
Yes. A member of our scheduling team will reach out to you directly if a priority exam option opens in your area within 72 hours. Our schedulers rely on the details provided to our contact center and the Veteran portal to schedule your exam. If you have questions, you can contact VES directly at 1-877-637-8387 and speak to one of our contact center agents.

I’ve had exams before and I’m already receiving my benefits. Why do I need to schedule another examination?
The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) may request new exams for service-connected conditions for many different reasons, including periodic re-evaluations and requested benefit increases. The VA can assist you if you need further clarification. Please call them at 1-800-827-1000.

Who should I call for directions, running late or to reschedule?
Out of consideration for other Veterans, service members and our providers, please notify the VES Contact Center at 1-877-637-8387 as soon as possible if you are unable to attend your scheduled evaluation. You may speak to one of our contact center agents and reschedule your appointment.

Why wasn’t I scheduled on a day I said I was available? Can I reschedule my appointment?

Please note that while we do our very best to accommodate your schedule, VES cannot guarantee the availability of your preferred timeframes. In order to meet VA requirements, VES may have to assign an alternative examination time. If you need to reschedule, please reach out to us as soon as possible.

If you are unable to reschedule your appointment within 5 calendar days of the original appointment date, the examination request will be returned to VBA for further review.

My schedule changes frequently. Can I speak to a scheduler right now to schedule my exam?
A member of our scheduling team will reach out to you directly if a priority exam option opens in your area [exams that take place within 72 hours]. For all other exam options, our team will rely on the details provided to our contact center and the Veteran portal to schedule your exam. You may contact us directly at 1-877-637-8387 and speak to a contact center agent if you have any additional questions.

Can all my exams be scheduled on the same day?
We always try to schedule you on the soonest day available with the provider at a location that is closest to you. If you were not scheduled for all appointments on the same day, this means the providers and facilities closest to you were not available on the same day.

Why was I asked to provide my date of birth over the phone?
We ask your date of birth to verify your identify for security purposes. Since we will be discussing sensitive medical information during the call, we always want to ensure your privacy first.

Why am I scheduled with a provider who is not specialized in my claimed condition?
The Provider selected for your evaluation is trained, certified and medically qualified to complete compensation and pension disability evaluations for Veterans and active-duty service members. Examinations are meant to evaluate your condition and are not for treatment purposes.

What do I need to bring with me:

Other than showing up with some basic information, you don’t need to bring anything with you to your C&P exam. The VA provides us with all relevant records that are part of your claim file. If you have records you have never submitted to the VA, please make sure you send them to the VA as soon as possible so they can be included with your claim file.
For all exams, please bring the following:
• A Photo ID
• A list of any current medications that you’re taking
• A copy of your VES exam letter
There are other considerations if you are having a hearing or eye exam:
If you are going to have an Audiological (hearing) examinations. Please make sure that your ears are clean and free of any debris that might prevent hearing test completion.
If your exam includes an Ophthalmology (eye) exams:
Please bring all currently prescribed eyeglasses.
Pupil dilation may be required for your exam. Please bring someone with you to assist with driving or plan to allow some time for the eye drops to wear off before driving yourself home. Please bring a pair of sunglasses with you and limit your exposure to the sun as much as possible.

Can I take my medication before my fasting diagnostic appointment?
Yes. You may take your regularly prescribed medication(s). Please do not avoid taking any critical prescriptions for any reason. You may drink water and sips of black coffee before your fasting diagnostic appointment.

Who can I bring with me to the exam:
Family members, significant others, and/or caregivers are permitted to accompany you to your exam.

Keep in mind that some of our facilities have limited space in waiting rooms and exams take anywhere from 20 minutes to several hours, depending on the number of conditions to be evaluated.

If you have any questions about who can accompany you or how many can accompany you for the provider facility site you’ll be visiting, please call the VES Contact Center at1-877-637-8387. A VES contact center agent will forward your question to the appropriate facility. Once we receive direction from that facility, we will call you to follow up.

Am I allowed to bring my service animal to the examination?
Yes. Veterans with certified service animals are welcome to bring them to examinations; however, some of our providers and clinic staff may have allergies. If you plan on bringing a service animal, please let us know ahead of times so we can confirm with the provider and facility. We will ensure you are scheduled with a provider that is comfortable with service animals accompanying you for exams.

Getting to your exam:

Do I qualify for VES coordinated transportation to my exam?
With advanced approval from the VA, VES arranges transportation to and from compensation exams for veterans residing in the US. Any of one these must be true:
• You are wheelchair or scooter bound
• You are an amputee
• You are blind
Some transportation requests can also be approved by the VA if you do not fit the criteria above. Please send an email to our VES Transportation Team at with a detailed description of your transportation need and we will send a request on your behalf to the VA. A member of our VES Logistics team will contact you in 1-3 business days to inform you of the VA’s response.

Can I be reimbursed for travel to my exam?
Yes. VA reimburses Veterans residing in the US is $0.415 / mile for travel to and from all scheduled appointments. You should receive your mileage check within 7-14 days after your appointment.

Veterans residing overseas are not eligible for travel reimbursement.

Do I have to submit a travel voucher for mileage?
No. A travel voucher submission is not required for mileage reimbursement.

Can you provide me with an appointment that is closer in location to me?
Our priority is to find appointment locations closest to you. Our Providers are trained and certified by the VA to perform compensation and pension examinations. Sometimes, Providers are not located in your immediate area, so we do our best to find the best option for you that may require a further distance to travel.