What to expect after your exam

After meeting with one of our professionally trained clinicians, there are steps you can take to request a report of the exam results and see where your claim is in the process. Many of these steps are directly through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) as Veterans Evaluation Services® (VES) clinicians do not provide treatment for your condition or have knowledge of the rating decision made by VA.

Before submitting to the VA, VES reviews exam reports for completeness and promptly provides to the VA for use in determining your disability rating.

Below are frequently asked questions on those key steps or visit our full list of FAQs at: https://www.ves.com/faqs.

Now that I’ve completed my exam, what are the next steps?
Once your examination is complete, the provider submits your examination report to VES. We review the report to ensure everything is complete. There may be situations in which additional appointments may be required by the VA. If no additional information or exams are needed, VES sends the provider’s report to the VA for use in determining your rating. Our goal is to expedite the compensation and pension process as much as possible to ensure your claim is resolved promptly.

Can I get a copy of the report?
Veterans Affairs can provide copies of your examination report and/or diagnostic results. You can obtain these copies in one of several ways:

• Contact your local VA regional office.

• Call the VA at 800-827-1000 and request an appointment to view your file.

• Have your service representative request a copy for you from the VA.

• Request a copy of your diagnostic results through the VA website. https://www.va.gov.

Note: We are not allowed to release diagnostic results unless they are critical or abnormal. In those cases, we will notify you right away.